Grandin Properties

About Grandin

Our History Since 1988, Grandin Properties has been offering fine apartments, corporate suites and office and retail spaces in Greater Cincinnati’s most desirable walkable and bikeable urban neighborhoods, with an emphasis on renovating historic properties to modern standards.

Our Values and Principles Grandin’s value lies in the properties we manage and continually enhance, and in our outstanding Team. In operating the business, Grandin places value on historic preservation, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.

  • vision – seeing what can be, not what is.
  • strategic focus – working toward clear long-term strategic goals.
  • integrity – doing the right thing.
  • leadership – striving to be the best at what we do.
  • innovation – eager to change, to create, to grow.
  • work ethic – operating as a fact-based and system driven company.
  • customer satisfaction – striving for the highest standards.


More walkable, bikeable best-of-class neighborhoods -- all within ten minutes of Cincinnati's urban core. Historic buildings renovated to provide contemporary conveniences.

residents’ comments

What can I say? Grandin Properties runs a great show! - J. P.

Close to Clifton and downtown, easy access to I-71. The location is great, right by Hyde Park, has everything. I love the area. - L. Y.

Thank you and all your staff for your assistance with making my new home so comfortable and safe. - D. K.

I’ve lived in apartments for over 35+ years, and this is the best maintained and managed. A real joy to live here. - S. L.

I have so many great things to say about that lovely apartment. Very beautiful, sophisticated and quiet too. Thanks for making me feel so welcome there, and to a great staff at Grandin Properties. - B. C.

The rent/value go hand in hand. I pay a very affordable price for what I get. - R. T.